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Project Description

A simple application to help users track Microsoft Project Server historical data using the Microsoft BI Suite.

The solution will help answer the following question:

  • "What was the project status last week?"
  • "What should I focus on since the last status report?"

The solution does not require any knowledge of coding or SQL, and leverages various wizards in the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite to build a foundation for tracking Project Server historical data. It is expected that a more robust architecture would be required before the solution is used in Production. Various options for improving the basic solution are also discussed.

The project will also serve a repository for the source code for Session PC401 at the 2012 Project Server Conference.

Blog Post Series

A series of blog posts that walks the user through the process can be found at:
Common Sense EPM Blog


Video Walkthrough

A series of videos walking the user through the solution is available on YouTube:
History Tracking for Microsoft Project Server

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